ErgoMates Black Anti-Fatigue Overshoe – XLarge

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ErgoMates™ XLarge Anti-Fatigue Slip Resistant Overshoes for Men and Women

ErgoMates™ Overshoes are designed to be strapped on over existing footwear, whether it be safety shoes, work boots or street shoes. The overshoes are a personal anti-fatigue matting system that goes where you go. These overshoes are great for people who stand or walk on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. The ErgoMates™ are made of a two-ply sole with elastic properties and a looped matting material on the sole. The looped matting material contributes to slip-resistance and thereby reduces the risk of personal injury. The elastic properties absorb shock to reduce the effect of impact. The two-ply construction reduces fatigue and pain associated with standing and walking on hard surfaces.

ErgoMates are distributed by Ergos USA and manufactured by Safety Seven Group. Safety Seven designs effective ergonomic and safety footwear – products that will increase the productivity and safety in the workplace.


  • Black adjustable strap-on system
  • Easy to put on
  • Provides excellent slip resistance
  • Reduces impact shock while walking and returns energy to feet while striding
  • Insulates feet from vibration and cold floors


  • XLarge
  • Fits mens shoe sizes 14-16
  • Fits mens work boot sizes 13-15