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Shoe Construction

The construction of the shoes and boots on our website can be any of the following:

Opanka Construction is a durable hand-sewn construction of the upper, the sock lining and the outsole in a single process. This construction provides flexibility and superior comfort. The footbed is made of 3 foam layers for optimal cushioning and support. The uppers are made of soft, supple, full grain leathers and treated with scotchguard™ for stain resistance. The midsole contains a low density PU for shock absorption. The outsole is slip, oil and abrasion resistant.



Goodyear Welt Construction provides long wear and durability. The upper is carefully pulled over a wooden last and held temporarily while a strip of leather (the welt) is stitched, not glued, to the upper and inner sole. This removes all strech from the leather and results in a better fit over the life of the shoe. The Goodyear welt innersoles are built into the shoe. The Goodyear welt shoes have a natural cushion filler between the innersole and the ousole for greater comfort and less footaches. This construction also allows for multiple sole replacements thus extending the life of the footwear.



Direct Attach Construction fuses the sole to the fibers of the upper to produce a tough, watertight bond. This construction is used in many waterproof safety footwear. Direct attach construction produces a more lightweight and flexible shoe/boot without compromising durability. Boots and shoes of this construction generally cannot be resoled.




Stroble Construction is a hand sewn construction process which results in superior flexibility. This construction provides forefoot flexibility to aid in your walking motion. Stroble construction also results is lighter weight footwear.




Cement Construction is frequently used in safety shoes for added durability. The upper portion of the shoe is wrapped around the outsole and fastened by an adhesive bond which creates a single, durable unit. Boots and shoes of this construction generally cannot be resoled.